About Us

MBA Department G.S. College of Commerce, Wardha provide vibrant intellectual exchange and equip students with the technical knowledge and management expertise to work in any role across the world. The students benefit from the latest in research driven management thinking and get to relate theory in real life situation. Quality education and Practical orientations through live projects, operation workouts, intensive summer internship program and placements are few hallmarks of MBA dept. G.S. College of Commerce Wardha.

The crust of MBA Department is its pursuit for excellence & focus on three areas: Academic excellence, Personal values and Placability of students.

Dr. Abdul Bari M.Com, MA (Eco), B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D. NET is the Principal of G.S. College of Commerce, Wardha.

MBA Dept. G.S. College of Commerce, Wardha provides a supportive environment that nature’s personality that possesses not only contemporary knowledge and skills but also commitment to ones assignment with emphasis on character building.


“Strive for excellence”


“To create true human capital for the corporate world by developing analytical brains with blend of theoretical & Practical insights and equipping students with the skills needed to face the global challenges with human values”


Focus on value to the students”


“Prepare managers of tomorrow, who believe in core Values as a person, serve a business enterprise as a Professional, and develop society at large”